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Unless you are extremely handy and have a good deal of knowledge about hot tub maintenance, you might consider contacting a local spa professional to handle servicing your spa. Considering the amount of professional knowledge these experts have, it may be wise to hire a well established and trustworthy company to get your hot tub bubbling and sparkling for the summer season. For the most dedicated and reliable hot tub service in Louisville, The Bath & Outdoor Store has some of the most experienced and highly trained technicians that will keep your hot tub running at its peak performance, and looking its best.

Reasons to Hire a Professional to Service Your Hot Tub

The Bath & Outdoor Store is considered the number one company that offers the finest hot tub service in Louisville, and throughout the entire area. Small leaks, splits and cracks can be difficult for an inexperienced person to spot, but it’s a critical part of the inspection process. One benefit of having a hot tub professional service your spa is that if any cracks, leaks or tears are present, they can usually be repaired immediately. A spa professional can tighten any loosened drain plugs and will also clean your spa filter, and sanitize and wax the spa shell.

Using an appropriate acrylic wax, spa professionals can polish your hot tub, making it look like new again. Spa professionals will have the right tools, chemicals and cleaners to get your hot tub ready for use, quickly and efficiently. Our professionals will check your jet and heating system for optimal efficiency. We know exactly how to identify clogged jets, pumps that are improperly priming, and weak heating systems. Any malfunctions in these systems can create costly problems that can add up extremely quickly. Having a professional maintain your hot tub can save money and valuable time in the long run.

Sometimes water chemical adjustments are needed in regards to the pH level of your spa. Our experts will be able to troubleshoot the issue or test a water sample to determine whether the water is deemed appropriate and safe for use. This ensures that the water is suitable for you, your family, and any guests who will be enjoying your hot tub. Attempting to control the proper level of chemicals on your own, can cause you to either over-treat or under-treat the water, possibly causing damage to the plumbing system.

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Hot Tub Service Louisville
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